Press Release of the Communion of Churches in Indonesia Regarding the Incident in Nduga, Papua


These last two days we were strucked by the military operation that took place at Alguru Village, Kenyam District, Nduga Regency, Papua, done by the joint military and police operation towards the armed assailants group that was suspected as the Papua Liberation Army-Free Papua Movement (TPN/OPM). This was an operation to search for the group of TPN/OPM which had committed armed fire that threatening the security of civil communities. We received information from reliable sources that before the operation on July 11th, 2018, there had been open fire between the joint force of military and police with the armed assailants group of TPN/OPM that taken place since June 25th, 2018. The efforts for dialogue as well as mediation have been done by the Papua local police and the local government of Nduga Regency together with the civil communities without much success.

We keep observing and updating the recent progress in Nduga, and herewith we convey the following matters:

  1. We are deeply sorry and, therefore condemn the criminal action done by the armed assailants group suspected as TPN/OPM, that targeted and attacked the civil communities. As a consequence, three people were killed, including one small child. Obviously, such brutal action was a human rights violation that must be handled strictly and professionally according to the existing law and regulation procedures of the Republic of Indonesia.
  2. We appreciated the immediate action taken by the security personnel to protect the civilians in order to avoid further calamities among the civil communities in Nduga.
  3. Based on various information we received from media and other local sources, we feel there is an urgent need for a close coordination between the security personnel and the local government in Nduga Regency. Without such coordination, any efforts to halt the armed assailants group can create bad impacts to the life of the civil communities in Nduga, spark panics, anxious and anxiety among the people that may cause them to run and find protection in the forest. Also, it may paralyze the educational and economic activities of the people.

Therefore, we urge:

  1. The security personnel to stop the repressive actions and develop persuasive efforts that ensure the security and safety of Nduga’s communities so that continuous crisis and deeper trauma can be stopped;
  2. The police officers to open access and guarantee the security and safety of all human rights workers, journalists and medical personnel;
  3. The central government to immediately form a Fact Finding Team that can verify the victims who was killed and injured in the field;
  4. The respective authority to open the office of National Human Rights Commission, Human Rights Court and National Truth and Reconciliation Commission that address the concerns in Papua Land as mandated by the Law on Special Autonomy/OTSUS chapter 45-47.

It is our sincere hope that all legal efforts and security which are aiming at protecting the communities can be developed in line with the mediation effort that has been done by various parties to reduce the day by day trauma, anxiety and despair of the local community. The absence of the sense of security among the people may lead to the decline of the trust of the community towards all efforts that had been done to enhance the security of the people. Lack of security may also distract various ongoing community development efforts in Papua which are the program priorities of the government and other parties concerned. We are hoping that all parties can be able to synergize well for the future of Papua in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Jakarta, July 13th, 2018
Executive Board of the Communion of Churches in Indonesia

Contact Person
Irma Riana Simanjuntak
Public Relation of CCI
+62 81275745533

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